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Master of Divinity Specialization in Stewardship (Dissertation)


Critics and research indicate that inadequate leadership in stewardship education has led to inaccurate teaching, wrong attitudes, and a lack of generosity in the Christian church and parachurch ministries. This teaching has led many churches and parachurch organizations to emphasize fundraising rather than the steward’s spiritual journey and relationship with God. The dissertation addresses the need for a new look at stewardship, the theology of stewardship,4 and how stewardship is presented to the local church and parachurch.

The thesis of this project is that in order to improve stewardship in the Christian church, leadership must teach comprehensive, biblical stewardship with a new and more comprehensive approach. The process of re-examining the theology and life practice of stewardship must begin in seminaries, in order to have the most significant impact on local churches and parachurch organizations.

Download the entire paper here:
A Proposal for Creating a Master of Divinity in Stewardship (in PDF format)